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Timeless dresses for confident women

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Stunning style and

effortless elegance

A limited selection of handmade boutique gowns created for YOU, for your unique style and timeless elegance. To shine bright like the sun during the day and like a star at night, no matter the occasion or event you attend!

With byDessi, it’s easy to look stunning every moment, without much effort. Our elegant and cocktail dresses will make your outfit choice easier and more enjoyable than ever! Every lady knows how difficult it can be sometimes to choose an outfit – our dresses will save you time because they are easy and quick to combine with your shoes and accessories!

Just open your wardrobe and grab your favourite dress – you’ll look equally attractive with it, whether you’re wearing high heels or casual shoes!

Why choose byDessi?

Universal for every occasion

A collection of elegant dresses suitable for any occasion. To be irresistible at any social event, business event, special occasion or just to shine for yourself!

Flawless cuts

Designed with a focus on impeccable cuts that fit your individual body shape perfectly. To feel beautiful and elegant in every moment!

Boutique workmanship

All our designs are handmade in a boutique atelier in Europe that shares our passion for quality, detailed craftsmanship and maintains our exceptionally high standards.

From day chic to night glamour

Dresses made for a seamless transition from a casual gathering with friends to a formal evening dinner look - with just a quick swap of casual shoes with your favorite high heels!

Limited collection

byDessi offers a selection of limited edition dresses, giving you the opportunity to own unique and exclusive designs. To shine with your own unique style!

Timeless style with minimal effort

Dresses designed to save time and put an end to the eternal wondering "What should I wear?" - you open the wardrobe and grab your favorite dress without worrying about how to combine the outfit.

Our satisfied customers

Absolutely stunning! I love how elegant and unique all of byDessi's designs are and most of all - I love the quality of the fabrics. Highly recommend!

Anita Bogdanova | CEO & Founder at The Queen Yacht Events, UAE

Excellent quality, beautiful models, very stylish and polished to the last detail. I recommend all byDessi products!

Boryana Yuliyanova

She is an aesthete and everything she does is always refined and sophisticated. It offers the quality she has always been looking for and for herself!

Bojana Spasova

Timeless design, perfect fit. I really like the collection and recommend it!

Cristi Ana

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